Dream it. Believe it. Achieve it.


YES. It’s true!

I have done it myself, not once but twice.
Created a whole new successful life and business. Twice.

It’s true that it didn’t happen quickly, especially, like thunder on a bright day My life changed at 360 degrees, and I had to recalculate a route, the sooner the better.

This process did take time, a long and painful process of fear, anger, a roller coaster of emotions, the search for meaning, ups and downs love-hate relationship with the universe. But I was born to an amazing and supportive family, I met good people that cared, helped, and make me understood that a thousand mile journey begins with one small step.

I took a decision that I am responsiblity for my life and for my two beautiful daughters to raise them with a tremendous joy of life that is all in our hands and the gifts that fate has long given us – the best and the least good we must maximize and grow up, since i believe we born to be happy in our life.

my name is Einat Tal,  mother of two daughters, 38 years old, divorced. optimistic, who is busy to make my dreams come true, make people understanding that happiness is in our hands and everything is a matter of looking at life.

I would love to share with you my journey, my fears and the challenges that were and will be, and especially the insights and tools I have acquired over the past few years from my personal experience and from the great lesson I received a few years ago.

Hope you will love, follow and share with me your insights, tools and your dreams.